Neopets battledome best prizes

Neopets battledome best prizes

Just wondering which opponent do you get the best rewards from? Forum · Neopets · Neopets Chat; Best rewards from which battledome But the codestones that koi warrior drops essentially *are* the good prizes. Hi it's me, your resident battledome newbie. Sorry for all my incessant questions. I 've heard the best is the koi warrior, but I haven't been. And I get a lot of good prizes from the Neocola arena, a lot of red Pango Palladium - to the point now that I avoid that battledome unless I just.

Official Prize Guide to Battledome Challengers

Neopets battledome best prizes

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Neopets battledome best prizes -

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Lava Arrow Lava Ghoul Only. Today I got 10 codestones, 9 of which is regular. Blue Moehog Morphing Potion. Zafara Rogue Zafara Rogue Only. Green Uni Morphing Potion.

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General Prizes From All Challengers

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