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Vin-Aire Instant Aeration

In our tests, this instant aerator noticeably enhanced the aroma and flavor of young red wines, softening the texture in seconds. In fact, we found it yielded better results than letting the wine breathe in a decanter for an hour or more. Based on a principle known as the Venturi effect, it aerates the wine while it is poured into a glass; as the wine flows through the funnel, it creates suction in two small holes in the stem, drawing in air and mixing it with the wine.

Vin-Aire Instant Wine Aerator

A few weeks ago I received 3 unsolicited bottles of wine to review. All of the words below in italics are directly from the distributor, as to why you might enjoy their wines for the holidays, following my reviews. At the same time, I was given a new wine-aerating device to do a product review on.